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intangible assets

Innovative companies are rich in intangible assets

If your company has patents or trade marks, it will typically have many other unique intangible assets e.g. trade secrets, data, designs, processes, software, branding, customer details.

Intangible assets are the greatest source of value in an innovative company.

Our role

We provide management services, education and advice. We aim to have our clients achieve their biggest commercial goals.

Nine benefits of managing intangible assets

Intangible assets are the most valuable part of an innovative company, so it's worth...   Read more

"Intangible assets" vs "IP"

We use the term "intangible asset" because it includes not only traditional IP (patents and trade marks), but also many other asset classes that can contribute significant value to a business e.g. trade secrets. There are many others.


Document R&D

An easier way to record activities for the R&D Tax Incentive

Identify intangible assets

The first step in managing the many intangible assets in your company

Document new IP

Regular checks to look for new inventions & trade secrets. Avoid losing IP rights.

IP strategy maze

Create a practical IP strategy that matches your budget

Trade secrets

Check whether your valuable trade secrets are being protected properly

Teach your team the basics of IP and other intangible assets


Did you know...

Three reasons to look after intangible assets

When do we get involved?

Start-up phase

Established phase

Exit phase

We have solutions for all stages of a company, from start-up to exit.

Intangible assets are always part of the recipe for success.

What clients are saying

"We are an AI software company and Intangium helped us unpack, document and strategically think about our intangible assets. They identified gaps in our intangible assets and gave us practical actions to take, with a view to maximising value to potential strategic buyers. I can't recommend Intangium enough."

"Thank you for the process you have taken us through. It has already been extremely valuable. It has helped prioritise our own development and will have benefits for our business goals and objectives."

CEO of an online business. Identity not published for commercial reasons. Contact us about speaking directly to the client about their experience.

Co-founder of an AI software start-up. Identity not published for commercial reasons. Contact us about speaking directly to the client about their experience. ​

About us

Intangium is based in Sydney and led by Dr Martin Puchert, a patent attorney who specialises in intangible assets.

Unlike a traditional patent attorney firm, Intangium does not file or prosecute patents or trade marks. Instead, we assist with the ongoing management of patents, trade marks and the many other kinds of intangible assets found in innovative businesses. 

Prior to starting Intangium, the founders had noticed that while patents and trade marks get a lot of attention, there are many other types of intangible assets that make a significant but under-appreciated contribution to the value of businesses. This led them to notice a problem that most people don't talk about...​

The problem is this: although intangible assets are the biggest source of value in modern businesses, many of those intangible assets are typically neglected and unmanaged, and therefore at risk of being lost or damaged. The impact is greatest when an innovative business is sold. Intangium was formed to address these issues.​

Client locations

We can work with clients anywhere in the world through video and phone meetings and in-person meetings as needed.  


Our code of conduct

We're serious about acting responsibly, ethically and competently, so we're publishing our own code of conduct. You can expect us to follow this code of conduct at all times. 

  • We do not make false or misleading statements.

  • We do not disclose or misuse a client's confidential information.

  • We do not prefer our interests over a client's interests.

  • We avoid conflicts of interest and take reasonable steps to resolve a conflict of interest if one is discovered.

  • We do client work conscientiously, courteously, honestly, objectively, and lawfully.

  • We only do work that is within our competency.

  • We carry out work with reasonable skill and care.


  • We disclose to the client information that is materially relevant to work being undertaken for the client, subject to any obligations in relation to another person's confidential information.


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