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Strategic exit preparation

Strategic sales

Considering selling your small or medium-sized company to a strategic buyer? Use your intangibles to make your company more attractive to strategic buyers. We'll show you how. 

Not sure whether to sell to a strategic buyer or a financial buyer? We help with that too.

Through our process, you will:

  • identify the strategically important intangibles of your company

  • leverage the capabilities and intangibles of your company 

  • develop strategies to improve your match with buyers and target suitable buyers

  • use your intangibles to make your company more attractive to targeted strategic buyers.

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Management Excellence packages

The Management Excellence consulting packages give you the knowledge to manage intangibles consistently and strategically. They're a cost-effective way to understand your intangibles and develop systems and strategies appropriate to your business.

Each package is offered at a fixed price and covers a different set of topics. The learnings can be leveraged for years.

Each Management Excellence package enables you to:

  • identify the most important intangibles in your business

  • receive tailored advice specifically for your business

  • learn the secrets of managing intangibles. 

Management Excellence packages

1. Insights Management Excellence package

Identify your most important capabilities and intangibles and explore new ways of using them. This is the starting point for managing intangibles effectively.


2. Frameworks Management Excellence package

Understand the systems and culture needed to manage and support intangibles. Develop a customised management strategy specifically for your business.


3. Security Management Excellence package

Coming soon: Understand the security measures needed to protect confidential knowledge assets. Includes audits of cyber security, physical security and individual practices.

Knowledge capture services

We’re experienced at communicating technical and business concepts clearly and concisely. We can document technology and R&D progress on a regular basis.

We specialise in:

  • Invention disclosures: documenting inventions in a way that makes sense to inventors and meets the requirements of patent attorneys. 

  • R&D summaries: documenting R&D activities for the R&D Tax Incentive in Australia. It's an easier way to provide project information to R&D tax advisors.

Knowledge capture services
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