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Systems, strategies, culture & training

Intangium supports publicly and privately funded research organisations to improve the way IP is captured and managed.

Our evidence-based approach focuses on systems, strategies, culture and training.

We’re all about getting more impact from IP and other intangibles, including patentable inventions, confidential information, know-how, software, data and algorithms.

For example, we've helped to:

  • Develop strategies to change attitudes to IP

  • Develop programs to increase invention disclosure submissions

  • Update IP strategies, policies and procedures

  • Improve knowledge security

  • Prepare spin-offs for investment or trade sale

  • Audit the current state of IP management.

We take the time to understand your organisation and develop practical solutions that really work.

We offer an independent perspective and are not affiliated with any patent attorney or law firm. We do not provide patent attorney or legal services.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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The human side of IP commercialisation

Science Researcher

Universities and research institutes around the world are increasingly expected to generate revenue by commercialising IP. That puts pressure on researchers to become entrepreneurs. The problem is, it’s not easy being both a researcher and an entrepreneur, and not many do well at it.

Our other site looks at peer-reviewed literature related to researchers being involved in entrepreneurial activity. It investigates questions such as:

  • What makes researchers want to become entrepreneurs?

  • What kind of support helps researchers to be successful in entrepreneurial activities? 

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