Change the IP culture

Re-shape the culture related to IP in your organisation

Extraordinary things are possible when the workplace culture is positive about IP. Without this, any attempt to manage IP will be an uphill battle. 

Our level of involvement can range from implementing long-term programs through to presenting targeted training sessions.

Every organisation is different. Contact us for a chat.


Document new IP

Regularly check for new inventions & trade secrets

The problem: There is an ongoing risk of losing valuable IP rights by not taking action in time. Don’t let it happen to you.

Our solution: we look for inventions and trade secret within your business on a regular basis. Think of it as an insurance policy. 

We don’t replace your patent attorney. Instead, we support your patent attorney by supplying all the required information. If you choose to keep a piece of IP as a trade secret, we show how to set up internal trade secret protocols that maximise the ability to take legal action when needed.


Document R&D for tax time

Document activities for the R&D Tax Incentive

If your company claims the R&D Tax Incentive, we can document your team’s eligible R&D activities every three months. Clients say this is easier and more effective than trying to recall details at the end of the year. When it's time to lodge a tax return, we prepare the summary of all R&D activities for the year.


We don’t replace your R&D tax advisor. Rather, we support your advisor by providing project information needed to prepare your claim.


You might like to combine this with our IP documentation service.


Improve your IP systems

Improve internal IP management systems

If your organisation is new to IP, we can advise on setting up internal systems.

If your organisation already has established systems, we can advise on issues such as streamlining your processes, complying with standards, or encouraging staff engagement.


Update your IP strategy

Create a practical IP strategy that matches your budget

An IP strategy is the foundation of good IP management. All IP strategies should be updated regularly.


Through our collaborative process, we create a practical IP strategy that supports your corporate goals and matches your budget.


Why have an IP strategy? 

  • Enables consistency in future decisions

  • Highlights strengths and weaknesses

  • Identifies risks


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