Trade secrets

If your business has patentable technology, there's a good chance it will also have information that can be protected with a trade secret. 

Fun facts: 

  • The Coca-Cola formula has been a trade secret since 1891

  • The Krispy Kreme doughnut recipe has been a trade secret since 1933

  • The WD-40 formula has been a trade secret since 1953

Trade secret auditing service

We offer an auditing service that checks for a wide range of risks. There are many ways in which trade secret protection can fail.

We can also suggest practical ways to mitigate any risks found in the audit.

Issues covered in the audit include:

  • Whether the information meets the definition of a trade secret

  • Whether the trade secret is defined in sufficient detail

  • Employee/contractor awareness of obligations

  • Employee/contractor training processes

  • Trade secret protection policy/manual

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Labelling of information

  • Physical security

  • Segregation

  • Access control

  • Tracking of access

  • Public announcements

  • Reverse engineering risks

  • Sharing with external parties

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